Fundraising Tips

Tips for going the extra mile with your fundraising!

  • Be a Trailblazer. Sometimes the first donation is the hardest. Inspire your donors by being a trailblazer and donating to your page.
  • Share your story. Every Walker is unique. We all have our own stories to tell about why the Walk is important to us. Update your Walk page with your story and upload a photo.

  • Facebook Fundraiser: Start a Facebook Fundraiser. It is a very simple, gentle and successful way to fundraise and share your story. Click here for step-by-step easy instructions. Watch a video tutorial.

  • Add a tagline to your email signature.  (Please support me as I walk in Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice!) and link your personal fundraising page to your email signature.
  • Employer match. Ask your employer to match the donation amounts you receive from your co-workers.
  • Get social! Copy and paste a link to your personal page to your social media pages. 

  • A birthday wish. Ask friends and family to donate to the Walk for Hospice in lieu of gifts for your birthday.
  • Sponsor a mile. Ask others to donate an amount for each mile that you are planning to walk.

  • Say cheese! Record a video showcasing your commitment to the Walk for Hospice and upload to your social media networks. It doesn't have to be long - just 15 seconds will do! Add a link to your Walk page so your friends and family can donate to support you! If you don't want to record a video, upload a photo of yourself or your loved one(s). Posts with a photo or video are more likely to be seen by your network.

  • Use your talents. Offer a talent or skill that you have for a donation; graphic design, massage, hair stylist, make-up stylist, photography, computer skills, sewing, music, baking.

  • Change Jar. Ask friends and family to keep a change jar. When your walk gets close, empty them out and show everyone how small contributions add up!

  • Declutter and donate. Host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to the Walk for Hospice. If you only have a few items to sell, consider selling them online and put that money toward your fundraising totals. 

  • Fitness classes or classes of any kind. Ask your instructor if fees for one class could be donated to the Walk for hospice, such as Zumba, yoga, or a cooking class.

  • ASK, ASK, ASK. Reach out to your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to let them know about your mission. People will surprise you with their generosity. We know that this is a challenging time for all of us. If someone can't donate, ask them to cheer you on and share your efforts with their own networks.

Keep track of your donations with our printable donation tracking sheet

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