Fundraising Tips

Tips for going the extra mile with your fundraising!

  • Set the pace - donate to yourself to set the pace and get donations rolling for those who don't want to be first to donate.

  • To inspire others to donate, personalize your fundraising page with a photo and your story. Let people know why hospice care is important to you and why their donation matters to you. It’s easy to do and makes a difference. Let us know if you need assistance.
  • Add a tagline to your email Signature  (Please support me as I walk in Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice!) and link your personal fundraising page to your email signature.
  • Save your change and turn it into additional fundraising dollars. 
  •  Ask your employer to match the donation amounts you receive from your co-workers.
  • Give green to wear blue - ask at your office if employees can make a donation to wear jeans to work one day.
  • Share that you are Walking on social media. Copy and paste a link to your personal page to your social media pages. Better yet, create a Facebook Fundraiser from your participant center. Read our guide or watch this video tutorial to get started. 

  • ASK, ASK, ASK: Reach out to your coworkers, neighbors, and friends to let them know about your mission. Whether you’re more comfortable asking through a letter, phone call, or through an email, people will surprise you with their generosity. 

Thank you to our Corporate Partners!

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